Fine Art Pencil Pet Portraits



My Background

I am a Devon based artist working from home in a small studio.

Having always been happiest when ‘colouring in’ as my 5 year old neighbour once described it – I can’t ever remember not wanting to draw. The fact that I am now using those skills to make a living makes me even more determined to become the best that I can be. Being able to present a client with a picture of a much loved pet that may bring back lovely memories (and sometimes a few tears) is a special gift that I am very happy to be able to share. 


My Medium

Although most people think that pencil is not a fine art tool and mostly confined to the school classroom, it is in actual fact, a medium that is exciting and versatile, requiring a certain amount of skill and practice to achieve good results. There are burnishing, smoothing, polishing and layering techniques to master and also equally importantly – erasing off which is just as crucial as what you put on the paper. 

My preferred paper is Canford Card which holds the pigment really well and doesn’t buckle under layers of waxy pencil or fluff up when rubbing out. 


My Inspiration

When I’m not working on a drawing I spend my time keeping fit or walking my dog – long periods of being sedentary at the drawing board have to be balanced with exercise and stretches – or I could be in danger of becoming a still life.